Conduct Lien Search


Conducting a lien search can help protect you from having your newly purchased property repossessed by creditors.

We perform NAME searches (individuals and enterprises) and VIN searches (serial numbers of personal property) in the Canadian Personal Property Registry System to reveal any outstanding loans for motor vehicles, mobile homes, motor homes, boats, aircraft, etc. Name searches reveal any liens against a person or corporation, while a VIN search reveals any liens against a piece of personal property.

Order a name or VIN search below for same day service! After you click Submit we’ll contact you for confirmation and payment details.

Please Note: The VIN Number is found on the registration document of your car. Your search results are only accurate if the number is correct.
Eg. Motor homes, boats, aircraft, mobile homes, outboard motors, heavy equipment etc.)

**If you don’t see the confirmation message pop up on the screen after you hit “Submit” please send your request via email ( or contact us by phone.